this entry it's supposed to be on 20 november but i'm a little bit busy so one day late hehe :D hello bloggers, i miss you :/ So, there's a lot of things that happen to me.. sometimes i can't stand for this ' dugaan' tapi ALLAH takkan bagi dugaan kalau kita tak mampu nak atasi nya kan ?:) i'll take it as granted hm so actually this entry it's about i want the relationship that will last ;')


i don't want some relationship where we'll be together for a days, or even a weeks and then we're suddenly done.. i want to have a relationship where we'll last and we'll just know that we're together eventhough we act as if we're not. we may get into fights, have arguments and even be mad at each other for several days but that doesn't mean i stopped to like you. through those fights, arguments and days when i was mad, i grew stronger feelings for you ,i'm not only realized how special of a person you are but i realized being with you is far better than being alone. I'd rather spend my life with you than being alone, i can't believe that i have you ohhh it's to good to be true hehehe :) BUT i want us to last and just realize that having each other is the only thing we'll need and we'll get through it all with our flaws, our fights and even our fun times we'll have i'd like for you to stay for a long time and i'm hoping you will.



 hmmm in the midnight on 21 november 2012.. 1 p.m.. so i realise that i should let go every single things about him, he is my past eventhough it's hard for me  but alia nadia you have to .. till when you want to act like this ? he doesn't care about you at all. silap silap dia dah ada yang baru  * i guess* plkn tu hm 3 bulan kat sana tak mungkin dia tak ada yang baru   tapi hm USNUZON  alia nadia hish nooo he didnt call me at all, didnt text me at all while me it's waiting for his call and text then 29 november he will be right back so what to do i'm just hope he's okay nak harap lebih2 pun bukan ada ape2 dengan dia .. so we're  used to be in love together and shared everythings together .. i hope we're not enemies even see you with someone else are hurting me but let gone by gone -sorry for everythings and thanks because you used to be part of my life