hello and assalamualaikum guys..tomorrow will be the next month it's october !!!! :') well, i'm a little bit excited because there's a lot of event on this month hihihihi

*festival nasyid 2012
*overnite with kelab seni dan kebudayaan member's
*cameron highland with my mentor

-hmmm september is just a suck month for me ;/ really suck and i really hate it- in 24 hours we're in october months and  i have to move on and start a new chapter in my life..

 ---->  be a strong girl
---->  dont easily trust people around me
----->  dont be too nice towards people
-----> honest all the time
------> jangan biar orang pijak kepala
-----> smile as long as you can
-----> dont pressure urself too much
---->  can i be a heartless person ?????? 

goodluck nur alia nadia